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The Truth About Eminem And Charlamagne Tha God’s Feud

Eminem and Charlamagne tha God are arguably two of the most polarizing figures in their respective fields. Eminem burst onto the music scene in the late 1990s with a satirical rap flow that often landed the rapper in a series of public feuds.

From Mariah Carey to Jessica Simpson, Eminem has become known for poking fun at his fellow celebrities.

Like Eminem, Charlamagne makes no secret of his outspoken opinion. The radio personality — most known for his co-hosting role on Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club” — has been taking jabs at celebrities since the beginning of his career. Charlamagne got his break on the radio when he was tapped to join Wendy Williams as her co-host on “The Wendy Williams Experience.” He was fired from the show in 2008, but has since become one of the biggest voices on Urban radio. However, the broadcaster once found himself in a quarrel with rapper Eminem, and the clash was explosive.

Charlamagne tha God said Eminem’s album was trashPrince Williams/Getty ImagesCharlamagne tha God is known to share his unfiltered opinion, and his review of Eminem’s album “Revival” was as brash as some might expect. During a sit-down with rapper Joe Budden, Charlamagne said the Detroit native’s 2017 musical attempt was “trash.”

“Eminem was trash all year long,” Charlamagne said, adding, “And the bad part about Eminem, he didn’t come around till the fourth quarter and put up enough trash points to be All Star trash this year.” The radio personality went on to slam Eminem’s freestyle at the BET Awards, calling his lyrics and attempts at social justice “subpar.”

In response, Eminem took a jab at Charlamagne in his next album, “Kamikaze.” “Charlamagne gonna hate anyway, doesn’t matter what I say/Give me Donkey of the Day, what a way for 2018 to get underway,” Eminem raps his 2018 track, “The Ringer.” Eminem also fired back at Budden, who seemingly agreed with Charlamagne’s criticism.

Eminem and Charlamagne tha God’s fued has calmed down

Eminem may have taken a direct shot at Charlamagne tha God in their messy feud, but the radio personality appeared to take the jab in stride. Following the release of Eminem’s surprise album “Kamikaze,” Charlamagne told Esquire that he welcomed the musical immortalization. “It’s always cool when you get immortalized on records,” he said. “I am just happy that I have gotten to the level where rappers who can actually rap say my name in records, regardless if it’s a diss or not.” The morning show host went on to double down on his review of “Revival,” but admits Eminem’s follow-up attempt was much better. He even called the “Lose Yourself” rapper “one of the greatest lyricists ever.”

Charlamagne reemphasized his thoughts on Eminem’s musical abilities during a conversation on “The Breakfast Club” in 2021. “Eminem is a whole legend grade A, top tier lyricist,” he said. Charlamagne then went on to play a clip of Eminem dissing him on “The Ringer,” before jokingly reminding the audience that he will always “find a way to hate on Eminem.”