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Kpop female idol’s faces are edited according to the “golden ratio”: Hard to recognize?

Some Kpop visuals boast drastic changes if edited to suit the “golden rations”

Having a face that fits the “golden ratio” is the dream of many idols. However, one size cannot cater to all, and some Kpop visual goddesses look better the way they already are.

Winter (aespa)

SM Entertainment is often considered a “flower garden” for always recruiting the most stunning trainees. As a result, every SM group has an iconic visual, and aespa Winter is among them. The 4th gen idol is often compared to her senior, SNSD Taeyeon, and often receives praise for her harmonious facial features. 

Winter can go from cold to cute easily with her facial features

However, her face looks unnatural and stiff is edited to fit the golden ratio 

When edited to fit the golden ratio, Winter’s visuals experienced several drastic changes, and looked extremely unnatural. Therefore, fans believe that Winter looks better the way she already is. 

Wonyoung (IVE)

Ever since she debuted as a member of Starship’s girl group IVE, Wonyoung has been hailed as a top visual of the Kpop 4th generation, with her small and cute face. The female idol is also mentioned as a “beauty standard” by many plastic surgeons. 

Wonyoung’s visuals easily sway the heart of fans 

However, the golden ration makes Wonyoung look extremely weird

Similar to Winter, Wonyoung’s face also changed vastly when edited to the golden ratio. The female idol is already enough to not care about such standards, said fans.


As one of the top visuals of Kpop’s Gen 3, BLACKPINK Jisoo is considered “a beauty queen” in the idol industry. 

BLACKPINK Jisoo is compared to a beauty queen.

Jisoo looks gorgeous with the golden ratio, but lose a lot of her unique charms

While Jisoo still looks gorgeous when edited to the golden ratio, many of her unique charms were missing, including her elegant forehead and emotive eyes.

Irene (Red Velvet)

The leader of Red Velvet is well known for her outstanding visuals with a big pair of eyes and a high nose bridge.

Irene is a familiar name when it comes to top Kpop visuals

The female idol saw several changes when edited to the golden reaction

Compared to the golden ratio version of herself, Irene looks more elegant and soulful. However, the public generally agree that golden ratio or not, Irene is still as beautiful as a goddess.

Tzuyu (TWICE)

Tzuyu’s chic and elegant visuals are irrefutable, according to the Korean public. Unsurprisingly, the female idol fits the golden ratio to a T. It can be seen that Tzuyu’s face mostly remains the same after being edited.

Tzuyu’s facial features can defeat all beauty standards

When edited to the golden ratio, the only change is Tzuyu’s eyes.

Looking at the photo, netizens can’t help but say Tzuyu is the living embodiment of the golden ratio. However, most prefer her original visuals.