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6 K-pop Groups With Signature Style in Every Comeback: BLACKPINK, TWICE, More

Here are 6 K-pop groups with distinctive styles in every comeback.

A few of the common things that K-pop groups share in every comeback are the new hair colors of members, a new concept, and upgraded visuals. However, there are also idol groups with a signature style that make them stand out and unique. From including an iconic line to their songs to having similar formations in choregraphies, some groups have a signature element in every comeback. Check out our list below:

6 K-pop Groups With Signature Style in Every Comeback:


The first one on our list is BLACKPINK, who has been known for their most iconic line “BLACKPINK in your area.” This catchy phrase has been incorporated in many of the girl group’s title songs since their debut and BLINKs often expect to hear it. From “BOOMBAYAH” to “How You Like That,” it’s a line that people can always hear.

According to the members, “BLACKPINK in your area” was made by none other than YG Entertainment’s in-house producer Teddy. One reason it is so vital may be because of its meaning, which is that BLACKPINK can be anywhere in the world.


ITZY is another K-pop group with a signature aspect in every comeback. What makes them unique is that the choreography of their title tracks always ends with a crown pose– and each one of them is made in a different way. Their choreography is never complete without their signature crown pose at the end.

While it’s unsure what’s the meaning behind it, it surely is the perfect ending pose for these queens.


There are also common things you can expect in every comeback of aespa, and that’s their signature AI counterparts (æ-Karina, æ-Giselle, æ-Winter, and æ-Ningning) and the big black mamba, which is the main antagonist in aespa’s worldview. They are often seen in the music video for the girls’ title tracks, such as “Black Mamba,” “Next Level,” “Savage,” and “Girls.”


STAYC‘s signature style in every comeback is the same as BLACKPINK’s. High Up Entertainment’s girl group always mention “STAYC girls, it’s going down” in almost all of their title tracks.

In an interview with South China Morning Post, STAYC members revealed that they didn’t know what their signature tagline meant until they made a comeback with “STEREOTYPE.” The group’s leader, Sumin, revealed that it means they are “going to start something amazing.”


As for (G)I-DLE, the girl group always follows the format “I ___” for the title of  their albums since their debut. Their Korean albums are titled, “I Am,” “I Made,” “I Trust,” “I burn,” and “I NEVER DIE.” It appears like the “I” is their way to tell people the album they release represents them and expresses their feelings and thoughts.


The last K-pop group on our list that also has a signature style in every comeback is TWICE. The ninesome always has a circle formation at the last chorus of some of their title songs, such as “FANCY,” “Can’t Stop Me,” “Dance the Night Away.” They also have a flower formation in a few tracks like “The Feels” and “MORE & MORE.”

What other K-pop groups do you think have a signature style in every comeback? Name them in the comment box below!