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American Host Comes Under Fire For Allegedly ‘Disrespecting’ K-Pop Fans Before BLACKPINK’s Performance

It isn’t the first time Jimmy Kimmel has been criticized!

The rise in K-Pop worldwide is something that very few fans could’ve predicted a few years ago. With more ways to access K-Pop content online, it has become easier to find new groups and become fans. Yet, with the rising popularity and attention of Western media outlets, K-Pop has also come under scrutiny and has been disrespected.

Recently, fans believe they witnessed this after BLACKPINK‘s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!


Although the performance came under fire for the poor camerawork and lighting, the four members showcased their talent, visuals, and charm while performing “Shut Down.”


Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube  

Like all television appearances, host Jimmy Kimmel introduced the group before their performance, explaining that BLACKPINK would be performing their newest track from the album Born Pink.

“This is the reason that all the kids are excited. From this album titled Born Pink, here’s the song ‘Shut Down’ by BLACKPINK.” – Jimmy Kimmel

Although it might have been seen as a normal and acceptable introduction, many BLINKs took the phrase “Kids” to heart. In a TikTok video, the comments were full of fans explaining how weird it is that he referred to fans as “Kids.”

Photo: KB


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Photo: KB

Many also pointed out that it seemed ignorant and the fact that by using that term, they are generalizing that all K-Pop fans act a certain way that can be seen as childlike.

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Photo: KB

It isn’t the first time that Jimmy Kimmel has come under fire for disrespectful comments toward K-Pop fans. Back in January, actress Ashley Park appeared on his show, and they chatted about her love for BTS.

When Ashley Park said “ARMY” in reference to BTS’s fans, Jimmy Kimmel continued, “Yeah, you have to be careful with an army because they can attack.”


When Ashley mentioned her love for BTS and then explained that she also had COVID, joking that she thought her body was going into meltdown because of the group, Jimmy Kimmel continued, “They’re both very dangerous. You’re lucky to come out of those alive.”

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Asian people have been blamed for the spread of COVID-19, and many people found his joke comparing the coronavirus to fangirling over BTS extremely racist.

It also isn’t the first time that Western publications and hosts have come under fire for “disrespecting” K-Pop.

Last month, Stray Kids appeared in a special feature for Billboard. Along with writing about unnecessary parts of the group’s history, Billboard also referred to the group’s sold-out crowd during their Maniac world tour date as “teens and tweens,” a common and offensive misconception about K-Pop fans.

Although Western outlets are keen to capitalize on the success of K-Pop worldwide, netizens are still angry that artists and fans aren’t treated with respect. For many, these seemingly “small” details in Jimmy’s introduction can seem disrespectful.