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BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Likes A Fan’s Instagram Post About A Photo Of Himself With BLACKPINK’s Jennie

After G-Dragon’s latest action with his photo with Jennie, fans can’t help but worry about his intentions.

News of BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon liking a fan’s Instagram photo of himself with Jennie has gone viral.



According to a fan, G-Dragon liked a fan’s post about a picture he took with BLACKPINK‘s Jennie. The post in question is a screen recording of the fan scrolling through G-Dragon’s Instagram photos before eventually stopping on a photo he took with Jennie 10 years ago.

The fan alleges that G-Dragon liked their post despite the fan not tagging the idol. The fan then provides a notification caption that the idol had indeed liked the post.

The news comes amid allegations that Jennie is currently dating BTS‘s V. Both YG Entertainment idols were once thought to have been dating and were linked together as recently as 2021.

G-Dragon (left) Jennie (right) | Kyung Hyang

Fans reacted to the news in an online community, with many criticizing G-Dragon for fueling further allegations between him and Jennie.

  • “Honestly, they could have just gone their own ways, but isn’t it G-Dragon who keeps making us talk about them? I don’t understand why he’s doing that.”
  • “But if terrible articles are constantly being written about his ex-girlfriends, he should be more careful. His actions aren’t very considerate.”
  • “I wish he wouldn’t like these fan-shipping accounts.”
  • “His celebrity status aside, I don’t understand why anyone would find and like a photo of their ex.”
  • “Yikes, that isn’t a very good look for him.”

Some fans, however, brought up the possibility that G-Dragon may have liked the post on accident, as he is known to like many posts about him at a time and is prone to liking even posts that attack him.

Photo: KB

Photo: KB

  • “You guys need to stop. GD is known to like many posts at a time. Even now, there are fans who brag that he liked their photo. It’s his way of communicating with fans since Instagram is all he uses. He likes hundreds of accounts every day, and there is no way he can check all of them. He even likes posts that attack him. Don’t attack him for liking a post by accident.”
  • “The post he likes starts at the top of GD’s Instagram account and then scrolls down until it stops on a picture of the two. He literally likes multiple posts in a second, so there is a good chance he liked the post on accident. It is true that he should have been more careful, but you guys are doing too much.”

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