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This Is BLACKPINK Rosé’s Answer When A Fan Asked About Her Love For Lisa

Here’s what Rosé really thinks of Lisa!

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé and Lisa are inseparable! Attached at the hip, the two best friends go everywhere together.

During their most recent fansign, they had no problem showing their for each other in front of fans…

…and even posed in the cutest ways!

That’s why it caught Rosé off guard when a fan asked her about her love for Lisa.

It took her no hesitation to confess her true feelings — and even look at Lisa while she was saying it!

“Yes! She’s my best friend. – Rosé said

She ended with a big smile, reassuring the fan just how much Lisa means to her.

“I love her!” – Rosé said

While the answer to the question may have been obvious, the fan had the right idea asking her such a cute question!

These besties have the most precious bond!