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BLACKPINK Jisoo’s Recent Instagram Post Identical To Photo Leaked By User Gurumiharibo

The user seems to have more access to the artists than first suspected.

Recently, photos of alleged K-Pop couple BTS‘s V and BLACKPINK‘s Jennie have been circulating online. They have all been “leaked” by a Twitter and Telegram user known as Gurumi Haribo (@gurumiharibo).

On September 28 at around 6 AM KST, the user shared a photo of Jisoo, which was before the Dior Paris Fashion Show event that took place the previous day in France. It had not been shared by any users before, and it seemed to prove that Gurumi Haribo had leaked another private photo.

The alleged leaked photo of Jisoo from Paris Fashion Week Alleged photo of Jennie and V. | Gurumi Haribo/Telegram

At around 7 PM (KST), Jisoo officially posted the same picture on Instagram as part of a photoset from before and during the Dior event.

Jisoo posted the picture over 12 hours later on her Instagram | @sooyaaa__/Instagram

It could have been a press photo from a large media agency that had accidentally been released before Jisoo posted it. However, the image didn’t seem “official,” and it looked like it was taken on someone’s phone.

Also, when a reverse image search was done on the image, nothing came up, and no other agencies had posted the image prior to it being leaked and those posted by Jisoo on Instagram. It seemingly showed that the image originally belonged to Jisoo, and the user had managed to obtain it to share.

When a reverse image search was done, very few photos came up, and all seemed to link to Jisoo’s Instagram post.

When Jisoo shared the image, it seemingly confirmed that Gurumi Haribo had managed to access the phone of Jisoo or the person who had taken the image.

Yet, it isn’t the first time that netizens have raised concerns about Gurumi Haribo leaking photos of the BLACKPINK members. At the start of September, the user allegedly leaked photos of Jisoo and Lisa, but many didn’t believe it was real due to the low quality.

The alleged leaked photo of Jisoo and Lisa from September | @gurumiharibo/Twitter

When photos were released from Jisoo’s recent trip to Japan when the idol was wearing the same outfit as the leaked photo, fans started to worry that the user had managed to access the members’ accounts.

During a Japan schedule, Jisoo shared a photo wearing the same outfit as the leaked image | BLACKPINK/Weverse

Although the Twitter account for the user has been suspended on several occasions, Gurumi Haribo is still active on Telegram, which is where he was able to send the image to the group with over 45,000 participants.

The Twitter account of the user has been suspended

The newest leaked photos have been shared on the Telegram group with nearly 50,000 members

Netizens have criticized both HYBE and YG‘s lack of response to the leaked images. With the user seemingly having more access to the artists than first suspected, many fans are now urging the agencies to speak up and protect their artists.