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Jungkook (BTS) makes the history of Spotify with just 2 songs and no official debut

Jungkook continues to write history. Talent always win king!

BTS’s Jungkook continues to break records despite releasing just two songs under his name, the first being the webtoon OST ‘Stay Alive’ released seven months ago and the second being the solo collaboration with Charlie Puth ‘Left And Right,’ which was released three months ago. 

Jungkook has surpassed 4M followers on his Spotify Account, making him the Fastest Asian, Korean, and K-pop Solo Act to achieve this milestone in 234 days. He achieved this feat with just two songs under his profile and no official debut, which is beyond incredible. 

Jungkook is the only K-Pop Soloist to cross over 4M Spotify followers in less than two and a half years. Fastest K-pop soloist to reach 4M followers on Spotify:

1. Jungkook — 7 months & 21 days

2. J-hope — 2 years & 5 months 

3. RM — 3 years & 8 months

4. IU — 3 years & 9 months 

5. Agust D — 4 years & 6 months 

6. V — 4 years & 8 months

As he should, he is amazing!