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The mystery of the valley filled with strange square trees: The most attractive place on the planet

Unique in the world, these four-sided, square-bodied trees grow in a valley created from the ashes of a giant volcano.

In particular, not only the outer shape is square, even the tree ring has a square shape. The tree is the squarest at the base, the higher it is, the more square it is, the more it is sharpened and turned into a round shape like any other tree.

With their hard right angles, the trunks of the square trees have puzzled tourists and scientists for several years.

Experts from the University of Florida took saplings of these mysterious trees to see if they would retain the same characteristics in a different environment, and concluded that their square shape must be related to the unique conditions of the valley in which they grow.

Finally, the answer is confirmed by many scientists, the strange square trees in the town of El Valle are Quararibea asterolepis, a wide-spreading tree commonly grown in South American countries such as Brazil, Colombia, and Costa Rica. According to research by Lawrence Dew and Jean P. Boubli, this is also a common spreading tree in Panama.

The trunks are rectangular in shape.

Perched on the second largest uninhabited volcano in the world, the Valley of the Squares is one of the most controversial tourist attractions in Panama, for the simple reason that many people don’t believe it. nothing special.

As far as tourists are concerned, some like the myth of the square trees and the unique crater they grow in, but some believe that the square shape of this tree is completely natural. considering their species.

“The square trees are almost entirely imaginary because they become round as they grow. Luckily, there was a number one signpost that we saw because otherwise I wouldn’t have known it.” said a tourist.

“I came here about 60 years ago and then there were these square trees, which attracted many people to see. We saw a few saplings along the trail. Their bodies are square with rounded corners, with four sides the size of the tree. the same size,” another tourist from Oregon, USA shared..

It can be seen that, whether there is something strange about the Square Tree valley or it is just a clever marketing ploy to attract tourists to this country, El Valle de Anton is still one of the attractive places. best on the planet.