Referring To Past YG Artists, BLACKPINK’s “Shut Down” MV Causes Controversial

There are mixed opinions about BLACKPINK's Shut Down MV

BLACKPINK, YG Entertainment’s powerhouse girl group, has finally made their comeback. The biggest girl group on the planet is back with their second full album, ‘BORN PINK.’ The entire album, as well as the music video for the title single, “SHUT DOWN,” was released on September 19, and the music video made a strong impression on the viewers.


The concept of the “SHUT DOWN” music video, as well as the costumes and lyrics, seem familiar to the fans. Blinks state that the MV is full of references to BLACKPINK’s old music videos.

WHISTLE (2016) × SHUT DOWN (2022)

BOOMBAYAH (2016) × SHUTDOWN (2022)


DDU-DU DDU-DU (2018) × SHUT DOWN (2022)

Ảnh: Allkpop

KILL THIS LOVE (2019) × SHUT DOWN (2022)

But some fans are claiming that above all those references to their own MVs, the “Shut Down” MV has references to their senior artists at YG as well.

Here you can see the resemblance to 2NE1‘s “Fire debut stage” and the MVs of “Can’t Nobody Move” and “Gotta Be You.”

MINZY in “Can’t Nobody move,” LISA in “Shut down,” T.O.P in “Still life.”

Minzy and Jennie in fur trapper hats.

Did you want something fresh or new, or did you enjoy all the homage and symbolism to past YG artists? 

Some comments from netizens:

– “Why do they keep relying on references and sampling, even after people complained about Pink Venom? This is blatantly just doing the bare minimum effort to satisfy their fans”

– “I caught the hat right away but I somehow missed the other 2NE1 references. My Blackjack heart is ashamed. *sigh*”

– “It’s not an homage. It’s recycling. YG is out of new ideas.”

– “I didn’t like this. It is touted as if they have taken their place.”

– “To me, it was as if Black Pink are honoring the legacy of Big Bang and 2NE1 through the MV.”

– “Minzy setting them trends”

– “ooh I definitely didn’t notice the homages to other YG artists. Honestly, the way BLACKPINK called back pretty much all of their past MVs you would have thought this was either a Best Of or goodbye release.”

– “This song gave me two signs. 1. Blackpink is going to disband or. 2. They are shutting down one era and opening another.”

– “Feels more like recycling or redoing if you ask me… Since it worked last time, it will probably continue to work. They are just playing it safe and looks like it worked (this time) judging by all the records they broke.” 

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