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BLACKPINK Rosé Avoids Doing THIS Before Filming – Here’s Why

BLACKPINK Rosé recently revealed that she avoids doing something if ever she has filming scheduled the next day.

On May 20, the fashion magazine Elle Korea uploaded a new video featuring BLACKPINK Rosé to its YouTube channel. The “On The Ground” singer sat down for an “Ask Me Anything” interview and answered various questions from the fans.

One of the questions was “What makes you so pretty? I want to know your routine when you’re taking care of yourself.”

In response to this, Rosé first thanked the fan for saying that she’s pretty. She then revealed how she controls her diet before pictorials.

The “GONE” singer said that as much as she loves to eat spicy food and eats late at night, she avoids doing them one day ahead of filming so that she doesn’t look swollen on the day of the photoshoot or filming of videos.

“I get puffy a lot. I like spicy food and I like eating at night. I try not to eat spicy food before filming, and try not to eat late at night. I try not to eat at all,” she shared.

BLACKPINK Rosé continued that when she works, she would want to eat tteokbokki or any other spicy food. But since she gets puffy when she eats them, she would consume vegetables like salad instead, and for Rosé, consuming this type of food isn’t easy.

Fortunately, right after she finished filming, the “GONE” singer gives herself a treat, eating the spicy food she’s been craving for.

“But I go eat [them] right after I finish. I eat every spicy food I’ve been wanting to eat,” she said.

Meanwhile, during the same interview with Elle Korea, BLACKPINK Rosé, who is deemed as a “Master of SNS,” gave some tips on how to take good pictures.

The “Lovesick Girls” singer said that the most important thing is having natural light, and that the best time to take photos is from noon to three o’clock in the afternoon.

“When there’s great sunlight even if it’s in a car, I can take great photos,” Rosé shared.

The BLACKPINK member went on to reveal her secret in capturing pictures. She said that to take good images, it’s important to make the body look natural, and try not to make a pose.

“Just lean your head towards the phone, and it makes the photo prettier,” she added.

Do you also avoid eating spicy food to not look puffy at important events like BLACKPINK Rosé?