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Love Square? BLACKPINK Lisa was dragged into the dating rumors of BTS V and Jennie?

Amid the intensifying dating rumor between BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie, the female idol’s co-member Lisa is now being dragged into the issue because of THIS. What’s happening?

BLACKPINK Lisa is the Source of Leaked Photos? Here’s What Happened

On September 2, another set of photos of BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie was uploaded by the hacker on Twitter. In one picture, the woman believed to be Jennie is closing her eyes tightly, and a man who’s alleged to be V, gives her a forehead kiss. 

In addition to the photos, a screenshot of the two having a video call and a computer folder full of their dating photos were also leaked on the same day.

(Photo: Nate Pann)

(Photo: Nate Pann)

(Photo: Nate Pann)

It seems like the two photos have been distributed in a chat room newly-created by the original hacker.

Netizens who distributed the kiss photo said:

“This photo was taken from a new group chat room created by V and Jennie’s hackers.”

The proof was also posted to certify that they are members of the group chat. However, it was difficult to check the authentication picture because it was not clearly visible due to mosaic processing.

(Photo : netizen proof (Wikitree))

They added:

“The hacker said that all the leaked photos were provided by Lisa, a member of BLACKPINK. The contents of the new romance rumor will come out soon.”

Love Square? Lisa & GD vs. Jennie & V Dating Rumors Arise

Following this claim, fans of BLACKPINK Lisa immediately criticized the netizens believing that the female idol distributed the photos and counter-attacked that they are merely spreading lies.

However, the netizen firmly stated:

“The story about Lisa was no joke. Lisa seems to have had a crush on G-Dragon for a long time to leak these pictures as revenge. Compare the men’s clothes in the picture with the pictures taken by V and Jennie in Jeju Island, it’s the same.”

(Photo: Netizen claims Lisa is source of leaked photos (Wikitree))

The said revenge is due to the alleged “transfer” breakup of Jennie and GD, prior to the female star’s dating rumor with V.

As the issue and speculations going on, some also claimed that Lisa and G-Dragon are now together after allegedly showing up wearing “couple items.”

(Photo: G-Dragon, Lisa proof of dating (Wikitree))

(Photo: G-Dragon, Lisa proof of dating (Wikitree))

On top of all these allegations, BLINKs (BLACKPINK fandom) and ARMYs (BTS fandom) are calling out YG Entertainment and HYBE for remaining silent despite growing controversies.

Now, not only Jennie is involved among YG artists but also her co-member.

Photo: Wikitree

Photo: Wikitree

More than the dating rumor itself, fans are concerned about the hacking incident, which could pose more threats and harm Jennie if legal actions will not be taken immediately.