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BTS Jungkook becomes a hot topic at TFMA 2022 for his princely visuals and beautiful speech

Jungkook (BTS) become the main highlight of The Fact Music Awards 2022.

BTS attended The Fact Music Awards 2022 today and bagged multiple major awards becoming the main highlight of the show. Jungkook, with his beautiful words, gorgeous visuals, and top-tier live vocals, was in the limelight and charmed fans.

Jungkook became one of the most talked about and mentioned individuals at the Fact Music Awards 2022, like every year, with over 1M mentions on Twitter.

Before Jungkook’s appearance, ‘JUNGKOOK AT TMA’ started trending in the United States, and ‘Jungkook’ trended Worldwide, showing fans’ eagerness to see him.

Later, Jungkook trended at #1 in the United States along with #BTSOurForeverArtist. Meanwhile, Jungkook trended at #11 and Jungkookie trended at #13 Worldwide.

Jungkook is also the only individual in the breakout searches under The Fact Music Awards 2022, showing off his explosive popularity.

As soon as Jungkook showed up, he mesmerized fans with his princely look and gorgeous visuals as they couldn’t stop gushing over him.

He was wearing a black coat tie with his middle-parted long hair, which he later curled a bit.


Jungkook kept interacting with fans throughout the whole show whenever he went on the stage to receive the award with BTS. He was seen bowing and greeting, completing half-hand hearts, and sending flying hand kisses to the fans, keeping his hand on his chest all the way down to the stage.

Jungkook’s abs cheering slogan was also captured and shown at the TMA Awards.

While receiving the Artist Of The Year award for BTS, Jungkook’s speech touched the hearts of fans as well as the members. He mentioned that they will always remain their forever artists.


Jungkook delivered brilliant performances where his live vocals and emotional ability garnered praise from everyone. He ended the performance while singing his signature ‘So show me, I’ll show you’ phrase from Magic shop, to which fans sang along.

At the time of leaving the venue, Jungkook, as usual, rolled down the windows of his car to greet fans and show his face. He also kept bowing his head to fans even inside the car.