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Revealed underwater fairy chimney, mysterious architecture 800,000 years ago, no one knows who built it

Drought in Turkey has revealed underwater “fairy chimneys” as the lake recedes.

Those are the mysterious chimneys at Lake Van, a freshwater lake that collects water from streams pouring down from the surrounding mountains. This is one of the only inland lakes in the world.

The chimneys seen from the surface resemble vast coral reefs. (Illustration).

Lake Van is particularly affected by the widespread drought in recent years, the water level is now at its lowest level in history and is the driest period in the past two years. The “fairy chimneys” that were originally below its surface, are now visible above the water. They are especially easy to spot on riverbanks in Incekaya, a nearby village in northern Turkey.

Some geological formations – which look like these vertical rocks – may have been around 800,000 years after ancient volcanic eruptions led to lava flowing into the rock, the scientists reason.

The beautiful country of Turkey

The chimneys seen from the surface resemble vast coral reefs. However, their appearance represents a growing threat to the region. A resident living near the lake said, “Unfortunately, Ho Van also suffers from drought in our country. They are exposed due to drought, which is sad because Ho Van is a precious heritage. with us.”

If many fairy chimneys are exposed amid an ongoing drought, they may begin to disappear, as lack of water can cause the formations to crumble. Severe weather patterns are becoming more and more unpredictable, making people here extremely worried.

“Less rainfall and more evaporation contributed to the decline, but our study also shows excessive groundwater use, with thousands of wells being drilled to drain water,” said one researcher. in the area. Some of the water supplies for the lake are almost exhausted.”