The 23-year-old rapper caused a stir when he implanted a gold chain in his scalp

Rapper Dan Sur is proud to be the first person to receive a golden hair transplant in human history.

Mexican male rapper Dan Sur recently became the subject of discussion among netizens because of his decision to implant many golden chains into his scalp. According to the New York Post, Dan Sur said in a video: “The golden chains all have hooks, which are hooked to the skull under the skin.” The young star proudly added: “This is my hair. The first rapper to have a golden hair transplant in human history.”

Some viewers expressed doubts about the quality of the chain, claiming that Dan Sur’s new “hair” is just finely crafted plastic. The male rapper immediately denied it by posting a video of dropping the golden chain into the water on the social network TikTok. According to Dan Sur, if it was plastic, the chain would float to the surface instead of sinking to the bottom of the cup.

According to Caracol TV, Dan Sur performed surgery in April 2021 but it is not clear how much it cost. Sharing about the reason for the gold chain implantation, the 23-year-old artist confided: “The truth is I want to do something different because I see everyone dyeing their hair. I hope no one will copy me in the future.”

Yahoo quoted plastic surgeon Frank Agullo as saying this is an uncommon procedure and carries huge risks. “A transplant like this is not safe,” he warned. They create an easy pathway for bacteria to enter the body by the skull bones that cover the brain. Also, I’m concerned about the weight of the hooks. If an accident happens, the gold chain can cause the implant to shift and even break the skull.”

Before Dan Sur, Lil Uzi Vert also caused a stir when he decided to implant a $ 24 million diamond in his forehead. As a result, the male rapper had a diamond pulled from his forehead by a fan while performing at the Rolling Loud festival in July. Fortunately, Lil Uzi Vert still kept the diamond and was not seriously injured after the incident.

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