Security Expert Reveals ‘Truth’ About BTS V & BLACKPINK Jennie’s Photos: Edited or Leaked?

On a broadcast, a security expert gave his honest opinion on the alleged private photos of BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie that were spread online. Here's what he said.

On August 29, former entertainment reporter and YouTuber Lee Jin Ho posted a new video, featuring his conversation with a white hacker regarding the current dating scandal involving V and Jennie

V và Jennie

During the broadcast, Lee Jin Ho said:

“There was even an argument that there was a picture of the two people kissing or hugging on the Twitter account, which is believed to be the leaker.

It means that the disclosure account is no longer meaningless, but the reality was not that simple. The claims that the photos released so far can be nothing but bait. It is said that the media may be used for financial purposes.

To know more information regarding this matter, Lee asked for the help of a renowned security expert in Korea, also known as White Hacker.

(Photo: Lee Jin Ho, White Hacker (Sports Chosun))

When the reporter asked him if the photos of V and Jennie can be considered as edited, the professional hacker said:

“I can’t see the photos being edited. After investigating, I don’t see any traces of the leaked photos being photoshopped or manipulated.”.

In addition to it, the expert suggests that what happened could be due to a hacking incident and the photos were leaked in exchange for money.

“These personal photos are stored directly in the cloud these days. The cell phone itself can be hacked and photos can be leaked, or the cloud account itself can be hacked and these materials can be leaked.”

Regarding why the Twitter account is leaking the said private photos, the professional can only think of two reasons: (1) to gain popularity; (2) to receive money.

“To achieve what you want, a hacker needs a way to draw attention by stimulating it a little. There may be hackers who want to gain popularity through the release of photos in this way, and in the end, there may be hackers who aim for financial things.

The reason for disclosing (the photos) one by one like this was because releasing it all together can quickly extinguish the heat, so we can continue to drag it out in this way and negotiate with the victim.”

He added:

“It is possible to manipulate the location on Twitter posted by the exposed person. Real sensitive photos are sometimes shown only to the parties and demanded hundreds of millions of won. The most expensive case I knew was 1.5 billion won (1.1 million USD).”

The white hacker also revealed the worst-case scenario under the assumption of being hacked, saying that the idols could be continuously monitored; and suggest for the victims to report it to the police.”

Meanwhile, starting with a photo of V and Jennie together at a hair and makeup shop on August 23, a series of photos taken with Jennie at the front door of V’s house and photos wearing couple shirts have been released, heating the world up with romance rumors as well as private photos.

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